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Minority digital use needs new direction
Prizes for diversity give hope for future
Subtle shift in black attitudes on gays
Will Obama fight for blacks, jobs?
Stumbles haven’t dashed King’s dream
Who is best suited to speak for blacks?
Thurgood Marshall, a civil rights icon
‘Big is beautiful’: Not all good news
Devote one class solely to motivating students
In failing schools, parents must step up
New Orleans, stay strong in body, spirit
Black community is aflutter over Twitter
Women need to take lead in safe sex
Black views of Oscars get mixed reviews
What about black men and marriage?
In America today, hunger is very real
Why black women are happier today
Black is being seen in a whole new light
D.C. takes positive step on same-sex marriage
Black spending ways face Judgment Day
What Obama could learn from Dungy
Black caucus should end Big Tobacco ties
Why blacks worry about Obama’s safety
Black teen STD rate needs our attention
Bakke ruling exposes generational divide
Blacks’ protests lack unity of purpose
Blacks, whites share favorite TV shows

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It’s Shreveport’s Season
Freeing Myself Through Forgiveness
Stay Away From Your Man, Rihanna!
A Call to Rebuild New Orleans
Priceless Gifts Don’t Cost a Thing
Summer Sounds: Ice In A Glass Of Tea


Study: Obama-era DOJ Hires More Qualified than Bush Hires
Mitt Romney Wants to Hang Obama “Metaphorically”
Smart Partnership Dialogue: National Conference of Black Mayors
Black Legislators Disapprove Alabama Senate Vote to Remove Jim Crow Language From Constitution
Is the Smithsonian Trying to Balkanize or Simply Represent?
Tracy Morgan, Michael Strahan and the Gay Marriage Divide Among Blacks
Arguments Heard in Brady v. NFL on Lockout Injunction
Obama Overrides EPA on Smog Regulations
Obama Disses The Donald, Stars Dress Up at Correspondents’ Dinner
NAACP Sounds Right Note Joining Organizations to Oppose Racial Profiling Bills
Justice Department Investigating Police Department Practices


NPR – Tavis Smiley Show
NPR – Michel Martin
NPR – Talk of the Nation

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